Approx. 26,000 Kilometers Sailed Since Sydney,Australia


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tiber rapids 3 web.jpg (41735 bytes) NANOU's path into Rome is blocked. But the intrepid rubber ducky makes it up the rapids into Old Rome.
Siracusa_dock.jpg (47539 bytes) NANOU arrives in Italy after a solo crossing of the Ionian Sea. With thoughts about dastardly deck birds.

corinth1.jpg (31645 bytes)
NANOU crosses a miniature Suez Canal - The Greek Corinth Channel was begun in 67AD by the Roman Emperor Nero.  Thoughtful of him to know that NANOU would be passing this way...

nanou_bike_and_gal_web.jpg (13507 bytes)

Two months of careful cultural exploration of the Greek Islands leads to a deeper understanding of...where pretty girls go :-)

mao dreamer.jpg (31815 bytes)

In Larnaca Marina, Cyprus, NANOU finds a warm community of dreamers preparing for their around the world sail. Many will go; others will simply keep their dreams alive... 

arrival_cartoon_web.jpg (89890 bytes)

In Israel, caught in the big surf with a dead engine,  NANOU ( 40 tons of steel)  involuntarily joins a gagle of surfers riding the big waves all the way to the beach...

shark attack web.jpg (39862 bytes)

In Egypt, NANOU disappoints two 12 foot pedalgic sharks. A misunderstanding over the main meal of the day seems to have been the issue... NANOU later escapes yet more sharks - this time in disguise as Suez Canal agents.

pulling a sheep web.jpg (80045 bytes)

In Sudan, NANOU spies on beduoin sheepnapping operations.  A high risk photographic reportage is undertaken...

shark_black_death_web.gif (13355 bytes)

Also in Sudan, one of the last great underwater frontiers is explored.  The video buffs on NANOU look deep down for the big hammerheads...

goats_in_car_bw_web.jpg (43292 bytes)

NANOU is one of the few boats in years to stop at Socotra - a remote island undeservedly notorious for pirates and danger...Not for long! tourism  lurks ahead...

prison web.jpg (16888 bytes)

In the Maldives, NANOU's crew is caught red handed, imprisoned and ... forced to play ping-pong.  Is this a human rights violation?!

tuc_tuc_drivers_web.jpg (17318 bytes)

Sri Lanka. Protection against terrorists can be hazardous.  Nanou is chained into the harbour at night and  depth charges are exploded all night long.
becalmed_bw_web.jpg (26842 bytes)  
Alone at sea for 22 days and becalmed, NANOU's Skipper tries to swim for it...(could it have been something in the water?)

longhair.JPG (14214 bytes)

Pirates.  Their big guns show up well on RADAR.  NANOU embarks on high tech electronic evasive tactics off the coast of Somalia...

These and all the other fearful adventures of the good ship NANOU!






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